Elżbieta Sikora

libretto Agata Miklaszewska
world prapremiere 15 XI 2011, Paris
polish premiere 25 XI 2011, Gdansk
music director  Wojciech Michniewski
director Marek Weiss
set designer Hanna Szymczak
choreographer Izadora Weiss
lights Piotr Miszkiewicz
preparation of the Choir (and consultation of vocal) Robert Nakoneczny
cooperation in preparing the Choir Jan Kurek
conductor's assistant Jakub Kontz
director's assistants Natalia Kozłowska, Magdalena Szlawska
preparation of soloist Liana Krasyun-Korunna,
Tetyana Dranchuk, Michał Francuz
Electroacoustic fragments were composed by Elżbieta Sikora
in cooperation with Diego Losa in the INA / GRM, Paris.
duration 1 h 40'
polish language version

cast 3 and 4 September 2014 (Tianjin Grand Theatre, China):

Maria Skłodowska-Curie Anna Mikołajczyk
Pierre Curie Paweł Skałuba
Paul Langevin Tomasz Rak
Einstein Leszek Skrla
Loïe Fuller
Joanna Wesołowska
Elżbieta Czajkowska-Kłos (BDT)
Ewa child
Zofia Sójka (solo violin)
Ewa Anna Michalak
Irena child
Julia Robak
Irena Karolina Karcz
Missy Maloney Monika Fedyk-Klimaszewska
Gustav Téry Bartłomiej Misiuda
Henri Perrin Szymon Kobyliński
Paul Painleve Daniel Borowski
V-ce president Jan Szenk (recording)
Choir (voices)
Katarzyna Grajewska, Liliana Kamińska,
Izabela Plath, Krzysztof Brzozowski,
Wojciech Dowgiałło, Paweł Faust,
Jacek Jasman, Andrzej Kosecki, Leszek Kruk,
Tomasz Potkowski, Krzysztof Rzeszutek,
Witalij Wydra
Choir and Baltic Opera Orchestra
Grzegorz Wieczorek - clarinet (solo)
conductor Wojciech Michniewski
The performances of the opera Madame Curie by Elżbieta Sikora at the Tianjin Grand Theatre are brought to you by the Baltic Opera, in co-operation with CULTURE.PL, and the Polish Institute in Beijing.


"Nobody questions her greatness, yet we do not know much about her. Usually it is a stereotypical set of information about a chemistry professor, grey hair, dour looks, Noble Prize and a husband who participated in it. Few people have actually read books about her life, ever fewer realise what kind of a milestone her scientific discoveries were.

She has been given the place she deserves in the pantheon of national heroes. We name streets, school and universities after her. She is one of seven globally known people of Polish origin accompanied by Nicolaus Copernicus, Frédéric Chopin, Karol Wojtyła, Lech Wałęsa, Pola Negri and Roman Polański. Every educated person in the world knows her and recognises her. Now that 2011 has been announced her year, the knowledge about her will grow and become more popular. I hope it will.

I have been her great fan for very many years, and I admire her even more as the years go by pass and my life  experience grows. I set her as an example for myself and for my children but do I know who she really was? Recently a lot of publications about her came out where authors  try to polish her statue and bring back to peoples' memory the human part of Marie Curie's life. We have decided to join these truth seekers and tell in our own, opera way about this extraordinary woman who conquered the world overcoming numerous obstacles such as human aversion, hostility and her own weaknesses. Her strong character and ingenious mind grew in a delicate body, brought to a test by passions, desire and temptation, that were a  far cry from the puritan image of a workaholic straight from laboratory. A beautiful, dramatic character – a human through and through. That is how we would like to present her and how we want to love her".

Marek Weiss


The production co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

The opera Madame Curie is produced as a part of celebrating International Year of Chemistry and 100th Anniversary of the Nobel Prize for Marie Skłodowska-Curie.

The opera Madame Curie is produced and presented as a part of International Cultural Programme of Polish Presidency 2011.





Patronage over the opera was taken by:

Bogdan Zdrojewski, the Minister of Culture and National Heritage
Barbara Kudrycka, the Minister of Science and Higher Education
Mieczysław Struk, Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodeship
Adam Adamowicz, President of the City of Gdańsk
Partners of the projects:
Institut Polonais Paris
Permanent Delegation of the Republic of Poland to UNESCO
Institut Francais de Varsovie
Muzeum Marii Skłodowskiej-Curie w Warszawie
Polish Chemical Society