spectacle by Izadora Weiss

music Johann Sebastian Bach, Nigel Kennedy, Kroke, Bruno Coulais, Lisa Gerrard, Michał Lorenc, Yamato, Alberto Iglesias, original tibetan music
choreographer Izadora Weiss
set designer Ewa Kochańska
premiere May 9th, 2008

duration ~ 2 h (with one break)
cast May 28, 29, 31, 2011:
Beata Giza                                                                
Franciszka Kierc                                   
Marzena Socha                                    
Iuliia Lavrenova
Marta Śrama                                        
Agnieszka Wojciechowska                   
Elżbieta Czajkowska-Kłos
Paulina Wojtkowska
Natalia Madejczyk
Zuzanna Marszał

Bartłomiej Szymalski
Ireneusz Stencel                                 
Michał Łabuś                                        
Michał Ośka                                         
Bartosz Kondracki                               
Filip Michalak                                       
Piotr Nowak                                           
Radosław Palutkiewicz


Eurasia is a modern ballet choreographed by Izadora Weiss with stage design by Ewa Kochańska and music of Bach, Nigel Kennedy and Kroke, Bruno Coulais (soundtrack from Don Juan and Himalaya), Lisa Gerrard, Michał Lorenc, Yamato and original Tibetan music. This is a dance vision of two great civilizations - Asian and European - phenomenon, expression of fascination with differences but also an attempt to find common points which appears to be human emotions.


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My Eurasia

Eurasia is a sightseeing tour in search of cultural differences using emotions. Thanks to the sensations felt when faced with each other and the surrounding world, a group of young people make an attempt to find the similarities and differences between the West and the East. Eurasia is above all a poetry of movement and music. It is a way to familiarise oneself with the beauty which is scarcer and scarcer both in the art and in our life. Thanks to such outstanding ballet team consisting of artistic personalities, such poetry is possible.

In Eurasia I have touched such crucial for me issues like: lack of tolerance, the elder generation shutting themselves away from the young one, solitude and a feeling of being lost by individuals. The closing scene of the performance is the essence of what in my opinion is the real foundation, namely the need to create. It is the greatest gift man can possess. However, in the art it became flamboyance and courage as in others opinion it is destruction and abhorrence that constitute the only mature truth in the theatre. It is abused a lot nowadays. I create what I love and what I believe in, notwithstanding the current trends. Despite the fact that beauty is neither in the public eye nor is it shocking but can be easily a subject of mockery, I will stand by it on the stage.

Modern dance, sneered at by some devoted classics enthusiasts, is the domain of numerous world-renowned ballet groups, treated as a true art through which we can probe into our sensitivity and true emotions. I cannot say the same about the classical dance which has manifested hardly anything for the last hundred years. Since modern opera performances have deflected from their museum canons, I see no reason to subject the opera  scene to classics. Luckily, nowadays there is no imperative to present solely such kind of dance.

Izadora Weiss


data I miejsca, balkon II miejsca, balkon
normalne ulgowe normalne ulgowe
28, 29 V; 17, 18, 19 VI 60 zł 45 zł 45 zł 30 zł
31 V 50 zł 35 zł 40 zł  25 zł
  cena dla studentów (nie dotyczy premiery) 20 zł