Giuseppe Verdi


25 April 2015


3 h (with one break)


It is a story about getting old and struggle against its implications. Othello is a charismatic leader, hero and a fighter who finds himself at the turning point of his life when the career, power and faithfulness of people connected to him undergo sudden erosion and turn out to have as impermanent value as health, physical power and fidelity of the beloved. Loneliness of the dark skinned Othello in Shakespeare’s tragedy and the based on it opera by Verdi is in this production devoid of its racial aspect, is a loneliness of an old chief who is surrounded by young challengers waiting for his mistake or a sign of weakness to replace and dismiss him. This weakness is found in his love for his wife, the love full of jealousy and suspicions. This weakness is also found in his impetuous character and penchant for rows. Othello shall pay for them the highest price. A tragedy he encounters does not usually rouses our sympathy because what is a curiosity when this opera is staged, the main character tends to have his face painted black and be rather repulsive in most cases. We bridle at idiotic stubbornness of this husband who is so easily convinced by this obvious scoundrel Iago and starts to believe a clear lie. Let’s try to be more untrusting towards these stereotypical characters and search in this production for some fascinating Shakespeare’s complications of good and evil entanglement. Let’s also attempt focus our attention on this incredible woman who becomes a victim of men’s foolishness and chauvinism – the very fruit of testosterone constantly ruling the world with impunity even now.

italian language version with polish subtitles


libretto based on a play by William Shakespeare
Arrigo Boitoo
music direction Tadeusz Kozłowski
staging and direction Marek Weiss
set design Hanna Szymczak
Chorus Master Anna Michalak
lights Piotr Miszkiewicz
assistants conductor Francesco Bottigliero,
Jakub Kontz,
Szymon Morus
assistant director Magdalena Szlawska
assistants set designer Maksym Kohyt,
Monika Ostrowska
preparation of soloists Liana Krasyun-Korunna




Audition for the Ballet Ensamble

Baltic Opera in Gdańsk announces audition for the Ballet Ensamble for the 2018/19 season.

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