Cinema Paradiso. Giuseppe Tornatore

Italian cinema on the patio


27 June 2017



Giuseppe Tornatore's second film, for which he received major film awards in 1988: Oscar, Golden Globe, BAFTA Award, and Golden Palm Awards at the Cannes Festival. It presents the story of the friendship of the cinematographer Alfredo and the little boy Toto, which he introduces into the magical world of cinema. Completed a quarter-century ago Giuseppe Tornatore's remarkable film takes us on a nostalgic journey to the golden years of cinema. It is a beautiful tribute to film art and cinema as a fascinating place to experience dreams and passions.

Cinema Paradiso (Nuovo cinema Paradiso)

Director: Giuseppe Tornatore

Composer: Andrea, Ennio Morricone

In Rome, in the 1980s, famous Italian film director Salvatore Di Vita returns home late one evening, where his girlfriend sleepily tells him that his mother called to say someone named Alfredo has died. Salvatore obviously shies from committed relationships and has not been to his home village of Giancaldo, Sicily in 30 years. As his girlfriend asks him who Alfredo is, Salvatore flashes back to his childhood. It is a few years after World War II. Six-year-old Salvatore is the mischievous, intelligent son of a war widow. Nicknamed Toto, he discovers a love for films and spends every free moment at the movie house Cinema Paradiso. Although they initially start off on tense terms, he develops a friendship with the fatherly projectionist, Alfredo, who takes a shine to the young boy and often lets him watch movies from the projection booth. During the shows, the audience can be heard booing when there are missing sections, causing the films to suddenly jump, by passing a critical romantic kiss or embrace. The local priest had ordered these sections censored, and the deleted scenes are piled on the projection room floor. At first, Alfredo considers Toto a bit of a pest, but eventually he teaches Salvatore to operate the film projector. The film directed by Giuseppe Tornatore has conquered the hearts of audiences around the world and has proved to be one of the biggest box office successes in non-English films throughout the history of cinema.

Outdoor cinema on the patio of the Baltic Opera. Tickets for 10 PLN at the ticket office.




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